What mattress topper to buy?

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What mattress topper to buy?

A quality topper for a mattress is a very useful and important thing. This will protect your bed from dirt, dust, parasites, cold and germs, prolong the life of an expensive mattress and even change its properties. After a big survey people consider that nest bedding mattress toppers are most popular in USA and Canada. But for you it remains only to find out how to choose the right mattress topper.

How to choose the type of mattress topper

Before choosing a mattress topper, you need to determine its type. This is done based on your expectations of the product features. Mattress toppers:

Thin mattress toppers

Thin mattress toppers – are protective mattress covers.

nest bedding mattress topper classic

Classic protective mattresses toppers

Such toppers are suitable for protecting the mattress against stains, dust, scratches. They extend the life of the mattress, make the bed warmer and more comfortable. Classic protective toppers are usually the thinnest and lightest, resemble sheets, but rigidly fixed with elastic strips or sidewalls. They are pleasant to the touch, made of natural or synthetic fabrics.

nest bedding mattress topper waterproof

Waterproof mattress toppers

First of all, it makes sense to choose a waterproof topper for parents of children, accustomed to the pot. However, he will find a place in an adult bed, for example, if you are afraid of shedding something on the mattress and spoiling it, or you live with pets.

Waterproof topper have a special layer of a dense membrane. It reliably retains liquid, but does not reduce the comfort of the product. Such toppers perfectly pass air, which excludes the effect of “greenhouse”, which often occurs when children invited to sleep on oilcloth. At the top, the product covered with a soft, pleasant to the touch cloth. Waterproof toppers are easily erased and dried quickly.

nest bedding mattress topper antibacterial

Antibacterial mattress toppers

This is ideal for allergy sufferers. Antibacterial toppers impregnated with special bactericidal solutions that prevent the penetration of dust mites, fungi and parasites into the mattress and on the surface of the bed, and also their reproduction. Produce such models exclusively from hypoallergenic materials.


Thick mattress toppers

Thick mattress toppers – are covers or thin mattresses, which not only protect the mattress, but also change the comfort level of your bed.

nest bedding mattress topper orthopedic

Orthopedic mattress toppers

This option is chosen by those who at purchase did not count the rigidity of their mattress, or wants to change this parameter for other reasons or on the recommendation of a doctor. Orthopedic toppers have preset stiffness parameters, they can make the mattress softer and harder.

nest bedding mattress topper wool

Wool mattress toppers

Feels like woolen toppers can slightly soften the excessive stiffness of the mattress. Nevertheless, it is worth paying special attention to such models, as they also perform the functions of health care.

Wool toppers recommended for people suffering from muscular and articular pain, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, circulatory disorders. Useful lanolin, contained in wool, has a huge positive effect on health, soothes nerves and allows you to relax more quickly.

nest bedding mattress topper demi season

Demi-season mattress toppers

These models designed to regulate the temperature in bed depending on the time of year. Usually they have two sides, made of different materials. For example, the summer side of silk or cotton perfectly cools and removes moisture, and winter from wool or warm synthetic materials – warms.

So, how to choose a topper that knows the existing types? If you just want to extend the life of your mattress, you can stop at the classical protective model. A consumptive allergy should be sought bactericidal topper, which wants to improve their health. If you are unhappy with the rigidity of your mattress, choose a suitable orthopedic model. A waterproof topper is needed in the kids bed.

How to choose topper by materials

Today in the shops you will find a huge number of toppers with different properties and price. Most characteristics determined by the material from which the product is made.

Choose material of the mattress topper
nest bedding mattress topper cover

Toppers single-layered or multilayered. A single-layer topper pad acts as a protective cover, protecting the surface from wear or liquid ingress. Two-layer waterproof toppers made of the upper part of which is cotton fabric, and the lower part is waterproof material.

Most toppers are made up of three layers. The lower and upper parts, which are the cover of the topper, are made of dense, pleasant to the touch, excellent breathable fabrics.

Well, if you use natural cotton (satin, jacquard) as the top layer of the topper, even better – silk or bamboo fiber. Mixtures or artificial fabrics are also often used (for example, polycotton is a modern practical hypoallergenic material). They are usually more resistant to abrasion and easy to care for.

The coating fabric can also have antistatic or antibacterial treatment that improves the hygienic properties of the topper.

In addition, many toppers have a stitch, you can use it on nest bedding mattress alexander signature series. Quilted toppers to the touch are pleasant to the touch, it is convenient for them to sleep. In addition, they look very nice and aesthetic.

Choose the filler materials of toppers 

nest bedding mattress topper filler

As a middle layer (filling), various natural and synthetic materials are used, which determine the basic properties of the topper.

Synthetic attracts lightness and versatility, durability and comfort. Such materials are hypoallergenic and hygienic, caring for them is quite simple. As a synthetic filler, you can use a topper:

Artificial materials

nest bedding mattress topper hollofiber

Hollofiber or sintepon

Syntepon or a more modern voluminous filler holofayber, as well as its other counterparts, make the topper soft and comfortable. These toppers easily erased, do not lose shape and appearance, are practical, wear-resistant.

nest bedding mattress topper struttofiber


Struttoiber is a dense material consisting of a fiber having a vertical directivity. Similar models have a thickness of up to 3-4 cm, so with their help you can make the bed much more comfortable, smooth the scratch seats on the mattress, actually updating it. Such topper can be referred to medium rigidity, that is, it can make it more comfortable as a too hard mattress and give the missing stiffness of an overly soft bed.

Toppers from struttofiber are very practical, they are not afraid of turns. The structure of strutofiber also sometimes includes fibers of natural cotton, bamboo, algae, flax, wool, which impart their unique properties to the concrete topper.

nest bedding mattress topper polyurethane

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is an affordable and inexpensive synthetic material, also called artificial latex. Such toppers covers are comfortable, elastic, wear-resistant and elastic, easily folded and cleaned. Topper made of polyurethane foam can make your bed softer.

nest bedding mattress topper memory


The softest toppers made of materials with shape memory effect. This is a special type of polyurethane foam that reacts to weight and heat, reducing elasticity.

Many people dream of a mattress of expensive, super comfortable material with a memory effect, but not everyone can afford such wastes. But memory toppers from Memory Foam are quite accessible, although they are capable of providing the highest level of anatomical support. Under the influence of pressure and body temperature, the material with the memory effect extremely clearly adjusted and repeats the contours of the body of the sleeper, making the rest ideal, weightless.

Toppers made from memorial materials will be especially valuable for older people with circulatory problems or forced to lie much, as the material does not have back pressure, reducing the compression of blood vessels. Many nest bedding mattress users use such topper especially on Q3 Latex mattress.

Natural materials

Natural materials, of course, are more ecological and more useful for sleeping. Many of them do not cause allergic reactions.

nest bedding mattress topper bamboo


Bamboo fiber, for example, among other things, has bactericidal properties, prevents the appearance of dust mites and other parasites. A bamboo topper will help keep the bed hygiene.

nest bedding mattress topper silk


Silk is pleasant to the touch, it has a positive effect on the skin. Topper with silk is the best choice for those who suffer from allergic reactions, as it naturally prevents the growth of dust mites and other microorganisms.

nest bedding mattress topper wool copy


Wool has many useful qualities, it warms up perfectly in the cold and has a therapeutic effect on the body.

Very popular double sided toppers, at the same time from several materials. An excellent option – a combination of cotton, heat savings and warm wool, on the other hand – for cold weather.

nest bedding mattress topper latex


The best toppers that worth choosing to improve the comfort and anatomy of the toppers made of latex. This natural material made of foamed dairy juice from the tropical tree of Gveve. The only thing to consider before buying a latex topper – some people are allergic to latex.

nest bedding mattress topper coconut


For those who feel the need for a more rigid bed, it is worth choosing a topper from a coconut coir. This material perfectly passes air and moisture, quickly dries, helps to cool the surface of the body, prevents the reproduction of bacteria and fungi.

The topper made of this material allows, if necessary, to make the bed more firm, which is often recommended to doctors when there is pain in the upper spine. The only drawback is that such topper can not be rolled up.

nest bedding mattress topper down feather

Down feather

Down feather – a classic fantastically comfortable sleep, existing not only in the tales and memory of our grandmothers. Soft toppers covered with down and feathers well and breathe well, without creating a feeling of stuffiness. Choosing a feather, feather or down topper can significantly improve the feeling of a fairly stiff mattress without reducing its orthopedic properties.

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Choose type of mounting topper to the mattress

Already from the very name of the “topper” it is clear that the product is located and fixed on the mattress. But how?

On elastic bands in the corners
nest bedding mattress topper elastic bands 2

The most popular option is a topper with elastic bands that cling to the corners of the mattress and do not allow the practical accessory to slide. Such models can be found without difficulty, including at very affordable prices.

Toppers with elastic bands designed mainly for a mattress up to 30 cm high. If you are a lucky mattress holder with other parameters, try to choose the topper as accurately as possible by measuring the height of your bed. Surprisingly gums have one unpleasant disadvantage – they can stretch over time. Therefore, several years later, not to wake up on a crumpled topper, you may need to change the gum. In fact this topper is good for any kind of mattresses, can try on Latex Hybrid.

Cover toppers
nest bedding mattress topper covers 2

The best fixation can boast of toppers with side walls, completely covering the mattress from the sides and sides. Such models also mainly designed for a mattress up to 30 cm high. Owners of lower products can simply pull up excess fabric under the mattress and tighten them there with a thin rubber band. Toppers with side walls do not break their presence, they look like a natural part of the mattress, especially on hybrid latex mattress.

There is also a kind of topper in the form of a cover with a zipper, which completely covers the mattress on all sides.

Which one to choose a topper – with elastic bands or sidewalls – is a personal choice for everyone. The main thing – do not forget to make sure that it will match the height of your mattress. Especially the nest bedding cooling mattress protector fits to all nest bedding mattress.

A few more tips on how to choose a topper

Before choosing a topper, you need to know the exact dimensions of your bed (bed or sofa). This is very important, because too much of the product will slide and slide, and even the most reliable rubber bands or side walls will not help here. On the other hand, the accessory must completely cover the mattress in order to maximize its protective function and make the sleep serene.

The size of the topper covers the standard parameters of the beds. Must be remembered the most popular variants are 90х200, 140х200, 160х200, 180х200 and 200х200 cm for adults and 60х120 cm for baby cots. If your mattress has a different size, you should separately indicate the availability of the chosen model from the seller with other parameters or the possibility of manufacturing a non-standard topper.

When buying a topper, it is important to check the quality of a particular product by carefully examining all the seams. Of course, buying topper is better in proven stores or large online stores with an excellent reputation.
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