What pillow to buy?

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What pillow to buy?

People who decide to delve into this problem sometimes feel that it is easier to list which pillows are not made from, than to say what they are made of. Indeed, the list of materials for making pillows is very large. And not to be mistaken in the choice of its filler is also important, since when choosing the shape, size, height and softness of the pillow. One of the popular from nest bedding pillow is easy breather pillow.

For convenience, all fillers divided into several groups:
  1. Natural fillers of animal origin
  2. Natural fillers of vegetable origin
  3. Synthetic materials

So which filler pillow to buy?

Nest Bedding®

Natural fillers of animal origin

Pillows with down or feather with down

feather down pillow nest bedding coupon

This is one of the most famous and popular fillers. Use a chicken, goose, down jacket and / or feather. Pillows made from natural down and feather are quite expensive, but this further strengthens people’s belief in their special properties and exclusivity. However, not everything is so radiant.

Advantages of pillows made of natural down and feathers:

  • Very pleasant to the touch, soft, “fluffy“, it’s easy to fall asleep on them
  • The texture of the filler is such that air spaces remain between its particles. Thanks to this pillow “breathes“, it’s not hot in summer, but it’s cold in winter.
Disadvantages of pillows made from natural down and feathers:
  • Over time, down and feathers become denser, “discarded“, the pillow ceases to support the head and neck.
  • Often, such pillows are too soft, the head “drowns” in them, not only the position of the head and neck during sleep, but also the breathing disturbes.
  • Fillers for feather pillows and feathers – very strong allergens! It often happens that patients with bronchial asthma have nocturnal attacks of suffocation due to the inhalation of their fragments. People with an allergy to feathers and feathers at night experience nasal congestion and runny nose, which interfere with normal rest.
  • The material is very hygroscopic. This means that it easily absorbs moisture. When wet, down and feather begin to emit an unpleasant smell. Given that at night a feather or a feather pillow absorbs up to 100 ml of liquid (sweat, saliva), this is not a very good property. Special measures are necessary to care for feathers, in particular, it is undesirable to “hide” the day under a veil, it is better to leave it outside so it will dry up. Probably, it was with the necessity of daily drying of such pillows that a tradition appeared to fold pillows over a blanket or put them on a “pyramid” bed per day.
…some more disadvantages:
  • Before going to bed, the pillow, which served for a while, should be “cooked“: shake, shake, so that the filler is distributed more evenly, and the product itself becomes softer and fluffy. Of course, this is not a problem – give a couple of minutes to shake the pillow. But if you could do without it (and you really can handle other fillers), it would be more convenient.
  • Pillows used for several months, begin to lose “filling“. This is unpleasant, when a person sticks out with a feather at night or removes a room because of down on the carpet, it seems that you are at a poultry farm, and not in your own bedroom.
  • The biggest disadvantage of the pillow filler is that over time, microscopic mites and molds appear in it. In fact, the microfauna population occurs in any filler that is organic, that is, synthetic. However, on an animal substrate, such as down and feather, this occurs particularly quickly and intensively. Behind feather pillows need special care, and they need frequent cleaning.

By its properties, for a comfortable rest, pillows made of natural down are very good. However, if you want to buy the cheapest version of the product and do not plan to take care of it, the down pillow filler and feather is not your choice. Mostly who buy pillows with feathers also check sheets, tencel sheet sets is good to combine.

Tips for handling a feather or a feather pillow:
  • Buy pillows of the highest quality with all necessary hygienic certificates. Cheap low-quality down filler is poorly cleaned, in cushions that are stuffed with them, you can “meet” not only the down and feather, but also components of sweat and sebum of chicken, particles of their skin and even pieces of meat on the tips of feathers! Accordingly, this pillow is very allergen and will soon become a “biological weapon“, as it rapidly develops mites and mold. Make sure that the feather has been specially cleaned by steam, treated with antiseptics. Then you can buy such a pillow.
  • Wash the pillow every 4-6 months. When buying, specify how you can do it, and not spoil the product. If you are not sure that you can handle the task yourself, use the services of special companies.
  • After 3 years, need to replace the pillow on new one, like all the others.
Pillows with wool

wool pillow nest bedding coupon

Pillows with woolen filler are less popular, but also used. As a rule, it goes with sheep and camel wool.

Woolen pillows advantages:

  • The individual hairs of the wool are rather soft, but when they are in the finished pillow material, the filler becomes very elastic, elastic.
  • As well as down, the coat warms up well. This property along with elasticity makes the pillow pleasant to handle.
  • As for sheep’s wool, it has special healing properties. Among ordinary people, the common opinion is that sleeping on a sheep pillow helps with joint diseases and other diseases. In fact, this is not so. Nevertheless, people believe in this… And for the placebo effect, we still put a small “plus” on the woolen filler.

Woolen pillows disadvantages:

  • It is believed that wool has water repellent and antibacterial properties. This is true and false. The fact is that the listed properties of wool work only as long as the animal “wears” this coat. They caused by the presence on the surface of hairs of sebum and sweat components containing various “protective” substances. It is very necessary for the animal, but the person who sleeps on a wool pillow – no. If organic substances are “packaged” in a pillow with wool, it even hurts: it easily and quickly becomes wet, and in it numerous types of mites and mold develop and develop. The pillow of wool becomes dangerous to health.
  • The wool falls quickly, and the pillow is completely useless.

Thus, in general, woolen pillows and their owners should be presented with the already specified requirements: high quality and high degree of wool cleaning, proper cushion care and timely replacement. If you have good mattress like alexander signature series from nest bedding, you should get woolen pillow on that.

Silk pillows

silk pillow nest beggind coupon

Silks are not only pillowcases, but also filler. Cones of twisted silkworm are very soft and elastic, this material is durable and pleasant to use, withstands many washings without sacrificing properties. Therefore, cushions made from natural silk are very good.

There are only some disadvantages for silk pillows:

  • This filler, as above, not protected from the “attack” of unwanted microorganisms.
  • Pillows made of natural silk have a high price.

Natural fillers with vegetable origin

Pillows with buckwheat husk

buckwheat husk pillow nest beggind coupon

So-called “skins” of buckwheat seeds. To keep a pillow with such a filler in your hand is quite pleasant: it makes a small pleasant rustling of the ear, the pads of the fingers are massaged with hard particles of the husk. It’s inexpensive, it’s another plus. All praiseworthy cushions of buckwheat husks – their advantages are glorified everywhere.

There are also disadvantages for pillows with buckwheat husk:
  • When you roll in a dream, you will hear the same rustle right under your ear, and for obvious reasons it will sound much louder. If you have a reasonable dream, this pillow will definitely not suit you. “You just need to get used to it,” claim supporters of the use of husk. And why get used to, if you can choose a much more convenient and completely noiseless filler?
  • Pillow of buckwheat hard. If you love them, it’s good. But if you, like most people, prefer to put yourself under your head, then something softer, it is better to abandon the buckwheat husks. Do you want to understand how comfortable it is to sleep on it? Imagine that you rest, lying on a loose packed bag of croup.
  • Fans of “natural” argue that such pillows have natural orthopedic properties. This is a malicious deception. Orthopedic – is when the body parts maintained in a physiological, comfortable position. Here about this speech does not go.
  • The husk has a very tangible odor of buckwheat. Some people don’t like it.
  • If you do not sleep on your back, and your face in a dream is in contact with the pillow, keep in mind: the husk will stick a little through the pillowcase. In the most benevolent interpretation, it called a micromassage, but it still interferes with sleep.
  • Like other natural materials, this one will quickly undergo an “attack” of ticks and mildew. Use of a pillow of buckwheat husks will come to naught. And since you can not erase such products, you will be doomed to night attacks of harmful microorganisms and products of their vital activity until the end of the life of the pillow.
Pillows with bamboo

bamboo pillow nest bedding coupon

Memories of the stems of bamboo somehow do not create a feeling of softness and comfort in the soul. However, bamboo cushions are not made from dense stems, but from young shoots that are specially processed, they are broken to get thin elastic threads. Bamboo filler is quite inexpensive, soft, acceptable when handling. Now such pillows are confidently filling the domestic market, we can say that at the moment this innovative bedding quickly becomes a popular favorite. If you decide to get a bamboo pillow, better to get a full set like luxury bamboo sheet set, you can find it on nest bedding.

Comfortable, good stuff. However, in general, it overestimated, there are also minuses of bamboo pillows.

  • There is an opinion that a high ability to absorb and retain moisture is a virtue of bamboo. Yes, this makes the use of the product convenient, since the head on the bamboo cushion does not sweat. However, the fact that the material collects water by itself is also good for repeatedly mentioned mites and mold. They already in a few months completely inhabited even by the most beautiful bamboo pillow – the minus is obvious.
  • It is believed that bamboo fibers have antibacterial properties. They are. However, these properties act only in the body of a living plant and protect it; this is a natural weapon from phytopathogens. When bamboo is cut, dried and converted into fiber, it becomes the same attractive habitat for microbes as other organic fillers.
  • Over time, cushions with bamboo “sit down” and compact.
Pillows with cotton wool

cotton wool pillow nest bedding coupon

If you need a good pillow, cotton wool is not the best choice. As you know, this is cotton fiber. It would seem that the ideal material is natural, hypoallergenic … Unfortunately, such products are very quickly compressed, inside the cushion the cotton wool is lost in solid pieces, and if you wash this pillow once on a typewriter, you can safely throw it on the garbage.

If it is not washed away and not cleaned, then in the cozy interweaving of its filaments, harmful microscopic organisms quickly begin to develop. Wadded pillows are very cheap, but they are absolutely indisputable, the most substandard. If you buy this kind of pillow, you should check organic cotton luxury sheet sets, also made from 100% cotton.

Synthetic materials

In the mass consciousness of man there is a permanent association: synthetics equals harm. However, as shown above in the description of natural materials, none of them is ideally not suitable for making pillows! If you choose high-quality down, bamboo or other pillows, take good care of them and change them in time, they can just be gorgeous. But we can say with confidence that synthetic materials are not inferior to natural ones, but in some respects they even surpass them.

For example:

  1. Easy to care
  2. Hypoallergenic
  3. Some of them have orthopedic properties
  4. In synthetic fillers, pest development does not occur as quickly as in natural fillers.

However, again, these advantages are characteristic of high-quality materials. If the pillow made by a little-known manufacturer or its origin, as a rule, in question, it is better not to buy it. Poor, substandard synthetic materials can even be toxic! So, as they say, look at the label.

We list the main synthetic materials, popular in the production of household textiles. We hope that this will help you understand with which filler to buy a pillow.

Pillows with polyester

polyester pillow nest bedding coupon

Very thin white fibers. The material is soft, it keeps heat well, does not absorb odors, is hypoallergenic, very light, subject to washing. Accordingly, the same properties have a pillow of polyester. Another plus – polyester fibers have a “natural” ability not to accumulate electrostatic electricity. And this means that such material will not attract dust. And, of course, we must remember the price: a pillow made of polyester costs an order of magnitude less than cushions made of natural materials.

Disadvantages of polyester cushions are that over time, the strands of material can begin to float out of the seams on the cushion. In addition, they have “problems” with heat transfer, in summer these cushions are hot, and the material does not absorb water, so that the lid soaked and left wet, which made sleep difficult. Finally, after some time after the start of use, the pillow becomes more flat and less elastic.

Pillows with hollofiber

hollofiber pillow nest bedding coupon

Filler for holoferovskih pillows – polyester, rolled into balls and treated with silicone. In this form, the material has greater elasticity and fewer cracks with time.

The pillow can be periodically “shaken“, and it will return its properties.

The “slowing down” of such products is slower than polyester. Other advantages and disadvantages are the same as for polyester. Now the filler for holoferovskih pillows is very popular.

Pillows with syntepon

syntepon pillow nest bedding coupon

Option for those who are even inexpensive hollofayber seems expensive. Synthepone for pillows is a very light and airy material of thin strings. Hair is glued, as a rule, they are glued, heating the material. Advantages: elasticity, softness, uniformity.

Disadvantages: absorbing the sweat of the sleeper, the material “sits“. That’s why old siphon cushions are so easy to distinguish from new ones: they have a “pit” in the center, in the place where the person’s head is during sleep. Sink is not an option, it also contributes significantly to smoothing and compacting the sintepon for pillows, which makes it short-lived.

Be careful sinteponovye pillows sometimes do not meet the standards! Unclean producers can use sintepon, “glued” with the help of not glue, but a mixture of glue. This “technical” version used for making furniture, but it is not suitable for sewing pillows.

There are a number of materials (mostly synthetic) that used in the manufacture of so-called orthopedic pillows. The description of their properties costs more than a couple of words, so read about them in a separate article.

Additives for pillows – with herbs

herbs pillow nest bedding coupon

Now among manufacturers it is very fashionable to create pillows with certain additives. They positioned as particularly useful and healthy. Very often they say that they contribute to improving the quality of rest, struggle with insomnia, strengthen immunity, relieve stress and so on.

These additives usually presented in the form of dried herbs or extracts for impregnating the filler. Of course, such pillows are much more expensive than analogues without additives. We will find out how expedient it is to pay 500-1000 rubles for a bunch of grass or a drop of some extract in a pillow.

Is it possible to say that sleep on an “improved” pillow is better than an “ordinary” pillow? In truth, herbs and essential oils are not so good as sleeping pills. Yes, the pleasant smell emanating from such a pillow with herbs can calm down and relax. However, you can just dump lavender oil onto your pillow and get the same effect.

Do pillows with herbs have any healing properties?

The presence of medicinal properties in such pillows is an exaggeration. For example, manufacturers say that cushions with additive from dried algae improve immunity, as a person inhales at night time the volatile nutrients released by this very laminaria. In fact, the sleeper only smells, which, of course, is nice, but it does not do any good because the person did not eat this sea kale … Similarly, the pillow with aloe vera extract, contrary to promises, does not preserve beauty and does not slow aging – in fact, a person does not make himself an aloe mask, but only lies, does not contact with impregnation, and only senses his fragrance.

Therefore, statements about the benefits of pillows with herbs, although I want to call them somehow softer, are quite absurd. They are tantamount to the assertion that if you smell an apple, you can enrich your body with iron or that for a successful training you need to put the textbook under the pillow.


In general, there is no special advantage for pillows with herbs. If you like these products, there are no obstacles to using them. However, it is better just to buy a high-quality orthopedic pillow and, if desired, to “improve” it yourself. Some of them provide such an opportunity, for example, on the covers of a number of models there is a special pocket for herbs. Herbs pillows can use on any bed, sofa or mattress, as we sleep on mattresses, most usable are q3 latex and hybrid latex mattresses that nest bedding produce.


So, we hope that you decided with which filler to buy a pillow. Do not forget: important is not only individual comfort and personal preferences, but also the quality of the material from which your pillow made. When people search for good pillow, usually they visit most popular stores like nest bedding. There are many pillows, most popular is nest bedding easy breather side sleeper pillow so you can check here.

Good luck in searching pillow and good sleep on your perfect pillow!

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