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Getresponse mailing service overview

Getresponse mailing list actively used by users around the world. Every month, with the help of the platform sent a billion letters. In addition to mailings Getresponse offers consulting services, as well as access control. Read our Getresponse review and make your choice.

PeakGet tested the mailing and studied it from all sides. Overall you can read about each characteristic in separate sections. In either case you will learn about all the pros and cons of the mailing.


In particular the interface Getresponse is understandable. This is an absolute plus. The top panel leads to sections: newsletters, contacts, reports and others. But it is not convenient to call it. However there is not enough side menu, additional blocks. Ergonomics is not implemented at the highest level.

The mailing list does not cause any negative emotions. Moreover everything that can be interesting in the initial appeal is available from the main page: the number of clients, benefits, reviews, names of well-known customers. The color scheme is pleasant.

How to write letters for email marketing

Every day we receive a lot of mailings, but not every one wants to open and read. Do you want to be readable? Observe a set of simple rules.

  1. Use a short subject of the letter. Hook attention to the originality of the text and the promising utility.
  2. Do not forget to specify the recipient’s name in the subject. Users will be surprised and upset if you find yourself one of the few who did not.
  3. Focus on the usefulness of the product. Write briefly. Do not take away valuable time of your potential client.
  4. Do not use complex verbal revolutions and bizarre graphics. They distract attention from the point.
  5. Use guru’s advice and be inspired by examples of successful mailings.

Do you want to become a guru yourself? So, for you, we wrote an article all about writing sales letters.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Select the Login button in the upper right corner of the main page. Use a free version for 30 days. Enter data.
  2. Activate the registration in the letter that came to the post office and enter other data.
  3. In conclusion update information in your personal account

To import contacts go to the Contacts menu and select Import contacts. A subscription database can be hammered manually or upload a file.

Creating newsletter, simply go to the Newsletter – Create a newsletter.

The creation of letters designed for two levels of computer literacy. The constructor of letters for those who want to easily and easily create a letter and editor of html-code for advanced users.

Let’s use the designer letters, because it’s much more convenient and faster.

Immediately it offered to specify the settings of the mailing.

The service has the ability to personalize messages. Be sure to use it.

  1. Enter the email settings: the name of the mailing (displayed in the list of your mailings); the subject of the newsletter; mailing address.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Getresponse – Template Selection
  4. Enter the text of the letter.
  5. Getresponse – Message text
  6. Specify the last settings.
  7. Getresponse – Settings
  8. And appears message “Done! The message will be sent according to the specified parameters.”

Moderation not needed. Given these points everything is extremely simple and understandable.


Generally speaking, Getresponse – the leader in the number of templates. Be that as it may, other services can not compare with Getresponse. Furthermore twenty-four subjects, including: art and entertainment, communications, health, health and beauty, real estate, publishing, notifications and others. The design of the patterns looks very nice. In addition, they all differ among themselves: a color solution, graphics, the arrangement of elements. In total, the library has more than 500 templates.

For editing, you select a template and go to the block editor. It is not difficult to work with it. Each element can be adjusted to fit. You can add a new block, change the image, add a title, a button, a dividing line, a call-to-action button, social network buttons. Everything is very simple. You feel like a little wizard.

Do you want to order a template? The specialists of the company will help you.


  1. All messages in Getresponse are adaptive with the ability to see how they will look on mobile devices, already at the time the message was created thanks to the Preview function.
  2. You can create landing pages, as well as subscription forms, that you can publish on Getresponse domains or on your own.
  3. In essence you can schedule a message to be sent to a particular day and time.
  4. In Getresponse there are trigger messages (autoresponders), which are of two types: for time and for action.
  5. Click-through map – in the form of statistics on clicks is available in the Reports menu – Mailing list analytics for each individual message, and in the form of a map is available in real time in Global View.


There are only two negative moments:

  1. there is no SMS message, but this issue is under consideration in the technical department
  2. only bank cards are provided for payment

Must be remembered Getresponse – an absolute leader in terms of functionality.

Integration and mobile app

In reality the difference from all competitors is your own mobile application Getresponse for iOS and Android. Getresponse integrated with 112 different services.

In the mobile application, you can study campaign statistics in detail, send and repeat mailings, create letters, search for contacts, add subscribers. The functional is practically unlimited.

Technical support

Technical support professionals work in Getresponse. It is felt by what answers are given – not unsubscribe, but full detailed answers. Almost every answer is accompanied by a link. In a sense, Getresponse works ahead of the curve. They not only answer questions, but also provide useful links.

The mailing list guide is in the form of a Pdf file. Everything described in detail and understandable. We liked the guide. Particularly the only point – it would be nice to add a compressed version for those who do not have time.

The test version intended for acquaintance with the service, therefore it is limited in time for a period of 30 days. In general, there is enough for the test: no limited number of emails, full functionality and 250 subscribers. some services offer an unlimited free version, but the functionality is limited, as well as the number of subscribers. If you consider a free version as a test, then Getresponse offers excellent conditions.

Competitive advantages

It’s worth studying the mailing list a little and the competitive advantages of Getresponse become obvious.

  1. The application for mobile platforms iOS and Android.
  2. Professional design templates.
  3. Free access to over 1,000 images from iStock for decorating emails.
  4. The most “dense” functional.
  5. Create up to 100 accounts with different access rights.

Benefits of GetResponse Enterprise

Presently, every company allocate unique IP-addresses, which allows you to fully control the reputation. Therefore Getresponse monitors the mail servers, domain keys of letters, feedback loops, services “white label” and setting up links.

To emphasize, each client assigned a personal manager who helps to improve the effectiveness of E-mail marketing, providing the necessary support, training and professional advice.

Meanwhile investment experts provide support at every stage of planning and implementing your campaign, which will increase the efficiency and percentage of conversions.

In addition you can create up to 100 user accounts with an individual set of access rights to the platform, statistics and work with social networks, adjust the rights of users in accordance with their responsibilities, skills and responsibilities.


All in all Getresponse – one of the most technologically advanced services. Suitable for those who want to “squeeze” out of their email strategy to the maximum.

GetResponse review

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