Creating Your 2D Game Art

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Creating Your 2D Game Art

Creating Your 2D Game Art

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Creating Your 2D Game Art

Learn how to create your own 2D game assets either for freelancing or for your own games with free software.

Hello there,

You might have a great game idea or you might want to work as a freelancer designer and make money creating game art.

Even if you are a programmer creating the assets for your game, this course is going to help you a lot.

Even if you are a complete beginner,

This course if for you!

We are going to be using the free open source project Inkscape in order to design and animate our game assets.

By the end of the course you will feel extremely comfortable to use Inkscape whenever you have to create assets for your game.

And since we are drawing with Inkscape you are going to enjoy the benefits of Vector graphics.

Your assets are going to be highly scalable so you can draw them once and use them on any resolution!

What will we be creating:
  • We are going to redesign one of the classics, Pac Man.
  • Learn to design the items of a platformer game like Super Mario.
  • We are going to design and animate a nice gem.
  • In general learn to design and animate a 2D game character.
  • We are going to design a nice game background.

And if you have any questions along the course, I am here for you so you can ask me anything.

I am going to keep updating and adding new content to the course and help you along the way.

Creating Your 2D Game Art


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