Basics: Macro-economics for University, Business and Life! May special!

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Basic Economics

Basics: Macro-economics for University, Business and Life! May special!

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Basics: Macro-economics for University, Business and Life! May special!

For all of May this course in Basic Economics will be the lowest discount I am allowed i.e. £9.99

This is Macro Economics and thus deals with inflation, unemployment, trade etc.

Moreover using ONLY aggregate demand and aggregate supply, this course explains the basics of macro-economic policy. The lectures are fully supported by notes – often repeated to ensure learning – that may be copied and used for other studies.

If you wish to understand more as to why governments cut/raise taxes, cut/raise government expenditure, how this impacts on inflation, unemployment and growth – then this is the course for you.

Basics: Macro-economics for University, Business and Life! May special!
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