Microsoft Project Certification 74-343 (150 Test Questions)

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Microsoft Project Certification 74-343

Microsoft Project Certification 74-343 (150 Test Questions)

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Microsoft Project is one of the most used commercial project management tools in large organisations. Proficiency with this product is a valuable asset to bring to any potential employer. Independent certification is even more valuable – particularly when you can obtain Microsoft Certified Professional status. Proving that you are an expert in the use of this software for the planning and management of large projects. Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft Project – 3 Course Bundle: Microsoft Project Certification 74-343, Perfecting Microsoft Project I, Perfecting Microsoft II.

My three courses in Microsoft Project will provide you with all of the background information, exercises and solutions.  Therefore get you to the point where you are totally confident in your use of the product. If you then wish to become a certified professional, then these courses will give you all the information you need. To summarize it’s for preparing and pass the Microsoft certification exam.

The Microsoft Certified Professional – MCP qualification – proves that you have been independently tested in your proficiency in using Microsoft Project. You will not pass this exam unless you have the required skills. My courses provide all of the information you need in three discrete packages:

Perfecting Microsoft Project I – Initiation and Planning

Perfecting Microsoft Project Part II – Monitoring and Controlling

Microsoft Project Certification 74-343 (150 Test Questions)

If you are an existing or aspiring Project Manager or Business Analyst, you should seriously consider becoming proficient in the use of Microsoft Project. My first two courses will teach you all you need to know to professionally use the software. If you want to become professionally certified, then my third course will prepare you for the exam.

Purchase all three of my courses for €14.99.

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Act now and make a real difference to your qualifications and CV.


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