MUTEK Montreal Festival

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MUTEK Montreal Festival peakget coupon ticket

MUTEK Montreal Festival

Held in a museum of modern art, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, MUTEK Montreal Festival is perhaps too intellectual to be called a festival. Please refrain from pumping your fist to the stoic German tech-head squeezing alien tintinnabulation from his laptop. Several supreme purveyors of microhouse, ambient, drone and other bleeding-edge electronica head over from Europe to make their North American debuts.

Fret not, Canada is too friendly and full of poutine to stroke its chin so seriously. Afterward, you’re apt to share a bottle of wine with a new friend at some head-to-tail joint. Festival for anyone who can remember and pronounce Aphex Twin song titles, art collectors, East Berliners.
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These popular headliners were already participating in this festival, such as Daphni, Detroit Swindle, Deathprod. Max Cooper, Seth Troxler, Surgeon & Lady Starlight, Aurora Halal.

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