Piano course for total beginners – Including music theory, reading music & improvisation

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Learn to play the piano

Piano course for total beginners – Including music theory, reading music & improvisation

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Learn to play the piano


The way the course is created, with lots of songs and easy explanations of every detail, makes that you will advance rapidly every day.

In a very early stage, you will already apply what you’ve learned and start playing songs. First playing the melody with your right hand, later also adding your left hand.

And what makes it a real pleasure to practice, is that you play a song together with a band that accompanies you while you are playing on the piano.


In order to play the piano or keyboard well, you have to practice scales. But only endlessly going up & down the scales is not very funny, that’s why in this course you practice the scales in songs that contain just the notes of that particular scale.

And of course, the band will accompany you in all the songs.

This makes practicing the scales a pleasure!

TRY Learn to play the piano COURSE WITHOUT ANY RISK.

If you’re still not sure, why not just give it a try? It’s without any risk: if for whatever reason this is not the course for you. In results you can get a full refund within 30 days after purchase.

So there’s no need to wait any longer: just hit that ‘enroll’ button and get access to almost 14 hours of video, interactive music theory exercises and plenty of resources (play-along files in different tempos, PDF files with sheet music for every song, all the scales with finger positions, …).

It only takes you one click to have access to ALL of this.

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Learn to play the piano

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