Plan to Produce (P2P) with Oracle SCM and IoT Cloud

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oracle scm cloud

Plan to Produce (P2P) with Oracle SCM and IoT Cloud

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oracle scm cloud

Are you a newbie or a Business Analyst or a Developer or a Business user, who wants to know about Plan to Produce (P2P) business flow and how to do that flow in ERP Cloud Applications? If you are, then please check out this course.

There might be information and videos on Google and you tube. But if you want a course which is tailor made for the needs of a Business Analyst, Developer, Director of Operations or VP of Operations, then you came to the right place.

In this course, I will also show you how you can make a career out of the concepts you learn from Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud and Plan to Produce.

I will also show you the Configuration/Setups in Inventory Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Planning Central Cloud and Costing Cloud for doing an end to end Plan to Produce (P2P) flow in the Cloud.

Instructor also talk about the fundamentals of SCM Cloud, how it is different from on-premise applications, which can help you to grow in your career as well as learn more about Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Cloud Applications.

I will show some use cases for Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud and how IoT can help the Manufacturing Industry to improve efficiency and throughput in the shop floor.

Also demonstrate a software demo of latest release of Manufacturing Cloud and Costing Cloud. I will also put a quiz at the end of the course. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me.

I might be able to get you some Projects on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) cloud applications for SCM through my network.

Plan to Produce (P2P) with Oracle SCM and IoT Cloud

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