Save 90% on Create Scifi Spaceship in Blender Course

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Create Scifi Spaceship

Save 90% on Create Scifi Spaceship in Blender Course

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Create Scifi Spaceship

In this course we will go through my process in creating a Scifi ship in Blender. We start off with myself doing some concept drawings and how easy it is for you to come up with your own ideas. We will also go through the blocking stage to get a feel of what kind of ship will it be, and will it suit our needs.
Once we start modelling, we will work through using several modifiers including:

  • Subsurface
  • Bevel
  • Boolean
  • Shrink
  • Mirror

We will also use a free add on to create material quickly and apply them to our ship. By the end of this course you should have your own ship, and also a greater understanding of how to use Blender.

I have also provided you with each Blend file at the start of each lesson.

Thank you

Marko (Create Scifi Spaceship Udemy Course)

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