The Web Developer Bootcamp

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The Web Developer Bootcamp

The Web Developer Bootcamp

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The Web Developer Bootcamp – it’s one of best sellers on Udemy course you need to learn web development. There are a lot of options for online developer training, but this course is without a doubt the most comprehensive and effective on the market. Here’s why:

  • Online course taught by a professional Bootcamp instructor.
  • 94% of “The Web Developer Bootcamp” udemy course students go on to get full-time developer jobs. Most of this students where complete beginners when instructor start working with them.
  • Everything what is covered in this course is up-to-date and relevant to today’s developer industry. No PHP or other dated technologies. This course does not cut any corners.
  • The Web Developer Bootcamp is the only complete beginner full developer course that covers NodeJS.
  • Instructor of this course together with his developers team build 13+ projects, including a giant production application – YelpCamp. In general no other course instructors walks you through the creation of such a substantial application.
  • Thereupon the course is constantly updated with new content, video lectures, projects, and modules. This is great investment in long term.

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So what you can learn in The Web Developer Bootcamp Udemy Course?
  • Create a blog application from scratch using Express, MongoDB, and Semantic UI
  • Make Real web apps using cutting-edge technologies
  • Become an expert at Googling code questions!
  • Write web applications with full authentication
  • Setup responsive navbars on websites.
  • Write JavaScript functions, and understand scope and higher order functions
  • Manipulate the DOM with vanilla JS
  • Write a Real application using everything in the course
  • Develope your own Node modules

Colt SteeleInstructor of this course: Colt Steele

Developer with a serious love for teaching. Instructor spent the last few years teaching people to program at 2 different immersive Bootcamps where He helped hundreds of people become web developers and change their lives. In addition Colt Steele’s graduates work at companies like Google, Sales Force, and Square.

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The Web Developer Bootcamp Review:

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