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Free Udemy Coupons

Every Udemy student is searching for free udemy coupons. Absolutely right, we all doing the same, searching for coupons to get discounts or free products and services.

Udemy publish huge amount of coupons every day. Our team is following it daily, even hourly to catch the best coupon codes and provide it to all our visitors and students.

Udemy Coupons SkillslaneThis coupon created by one of bestseller instructor on Udemy platform. We got this lovely online coupon several months ago and proudly publish it here, on our website for all students. This exclusive coupon is only for you, so simply click on it and check the course you want to see. Of course coupon code already included.

Best of the best

Huge amount of visitors create and accounts on Udemy and purchaser exactly this course: The Complete Web Development Course – Build 15 Projects

Complete Web Development Course coupon peakget

According to our statistics and visitor’s feedbacks we recommend this course for all students who learn web development. Check it out, it is more than 76 hours and have 380+ lectures. Imagine if you get udemy discount coupon, and get it only for $9.99. So many information there, if you watch it thoroughly and after one month you will be a guru in Web Development topic.

There are not often you can catch the lowest price for such courses. Udemy sale you can follow only limited time, and you need to catch a price. With our udemy coupon codes you will get lowest price anyway. Just come back to our website and get a coupon voucher.

Teachers can become Instructors

We always know that every educational institution, such as academies, universities, colleges and schools have good teachers. If you are a student, why not to go to your teacher and say that there is such opportunity to make video courses and publish on Udemy. Generally speaking they will be able to teach their own students and even get larger audience. So make a good deed, share this information with teachers and both of you will get a respect. In this case your teacher will share free udemy coupons with you 100%.

There are already teachers who share their knowledge in online courses at Udemy platform. For example, Bogdan Anastasiei – University teacher and consultant and made already 8+ courses. In fact he has very good experience in teaching, about 20 years already. He learned business as well, and have 10 years experience in business consulting.

These 3 courses recorded by Bogdan recommended by udemy students:

R Programming For Absolute Beginners coupon peakget voucher SPSS For Research coupon peakget voucher Statistics with R Beginner Level coupon peakget voucher
As a result Bogdan with his courses attracted already more than 57 thousands students and got 2000+ positive reviews. If you like the topics he teaches, we recommend to check his courses and if you like preview videos, you can take the whole course and start learning.

Students to Instructors

We all know that become a teacher or instructor need to know as minimum one certain topic. Usually we take this knowledge at school or universities and it takes us years to learn. Sometimes people learn by their self and even quicker than in high schools.

Learning by own have much more chances to get knowledge faster. The main thing that most of students don’t want to learn and sit on lectures without interest, thinking how faster to get our of the classroom. That’s really true, 95% students will agree with that.

So if you would like to become an instructor on Udemy, and share your courses online, it’s not too hard to do. Just learn one of the topics, it usually takes about couple of weeks. Then increase your skills watching some other courses, and in a result you can create your own online course from the beginning.

Imagine how many courses you will record from starting, during 1 or 2 years. Definitely people will watch your courses and see how you were growing in self learning and in teaching others. So don’t waste your time and start today, and you will see how easy it’s going.

Daragh Walsh coupon udemy peakgetDaragh Walsh – one of udemy bestseller instructors that went exactly this way. He started learning Google Analytics by his own, and recorded 2 courses on that topic (in general he has 14+ courses).

  1. Google Analytics For Beginners – reached 10+ thousands students
  2. Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified in Just 2 Days – reached 23+ thousands students

Google Analytics For Beginners coupon udemy peakget
Google Analytics Certification coupon udemy peakget

All in all from these two courses he has audience of more than 33,000 students, but in common he has more than 330,000 students.

His results can push you doing the same thing, learn something and start creating own courses!

Promote your online course

For getting high volume of students you need only to promote your courses, create udemy vouchers or free udemy coupons, so all students could use your promo code and get a discount on courses.

Probably you already know that you can set price to the course form $20 to $200. Everybody set price according to the course knowledge material, length and topic. Therefore, evaluate your course as you think, or check what prices other instructors set.

There are two ways of promotion:
  1. you do it by yourself,
  2. you activate Udemy promotions and they make your courses with udemy discounts.
1st way of promotion

Turn off all udemy promotions in your account settings, and your courses price will be on the price you set. Make udemy discount coupons and share it in all social websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You can create free udemy coupons and attract people to learn your courses.

Max Wilhard is the instructor who follow this way of promotion. She put the average price on her course – “A Million Subs In A Year: YouTube Marketing and YouTube SEO” and promote it in Internet by making cheap price coupons or free udemy coupons. By this method she reached more than 4000 students in short period of time.

Max Wilhard udemy coupon peakgetMillion Subs In A Year YouTube Marketing and YouTube SEO coupon peakget udemy voucher

2nd way of promotion

You turn on udemy promotion, and they will be promoting your courses with with their coupons and discounted prices. In this case you have to agree that you will get less revenue than you would do your own promotion. About udemy revenue share please check on Udemy official website.

Ben Tristem and Rick Davidson together decided to use this method. They understand that course topic is popular nowadays and getting promotion from Udemy will be the best way to get sales. “Complete C# Unity Developer 2D – Learn to Code Making Games” course has more than 240,000 students enrolled and become bestseller – it’s  a great result!

Ben Tristem udemy coupon peakgetRick Davidson udemy coupon peakgetComplete C# Unity Developer 2D - Learn to Code Making Games coupon peakget udemy

3rd way of promotion

You use both types of course promotion. We definitely recommend this one, as it will be double strength and more chances that your course will appear in search engines and people buy it.

Jonas Schmedtmann, very good instructor in JavaScript, CSS, Web design. He Use both promotions and quickly got 300k+ students to his four courses. Probably he used free udemy coupons to increase audience, but anyway it’s a good step. “The Complete JavaScript Course 2018: Build Real Projects!” is a leader course in his account.

Jonas Schmedtmann udemy coupon peakgetThe Complete JavaScript Course 2018 Build Real Projects coupon peakget udemy

Here is a hint: as udemy usually make discount promotions with prices between $9.99 and $19.99, you put your own promotion coupons with the lowest prices that you can make – $9.99 or if you don’t mind giving your course to several people for free, it will be a good decision for increasing students in the future. Exactly these free students will promote your courses by recommending it to other people.

Good strategy for increasing students on your Udemy courses

First of all you have to understand what topic of the course you have on Udemy. How big the competition is in that category, who are bestsellers and what they share. It is very important to check your competitors profile, how many students they have, how many hours they talk in the courses. Daily following how many students they get per day on their courses and make some statistics. Put the aim – to reach as minimum same results!

Secondly you have to make competition to your rivals, and start working with price on your course. If you can see in udemy system, most of courses are with discounts, and the better way is to put your courses for free, but it’s not good idea, as there will be no revenue. If you consider that your course have expensive knowledge, applicable to the world and course length is more than 1-2 hours, so you should put the highest price – $199.99. In that situation all students who see your course would really think that there is good material and will message you for getting discount. In this case you should provide them discount with lowest price, and they will be very thankful and would put you best review.

It is very important to promote your courses with different price coupons everywhere on different websites where it is possible. On one website create udemy coupon with $30, another coupon with $25 and so on till $10. From different resources, you will receive certain students who will buy your courses with different prices.

If it goes well, continue same way and promote your course and never be greedy giving low price coupons.

If you see that after 2-3 months of your promotion, there is low interest or even no students in you course, then start decreasing the price randomly. Set $150 for 2-3 weeks, check the results, then move to $125 and so on. Just select the lower price you want to set. In a result if you decrease the price until $30, same as your coupons that you promoted before, then you should think that your course looks not interested to people.

Don’t worry, you always have a solution in that case. After you reached $30 or $20 price for your course,  activate Udemy promotion and put the price to course $150-$200. In Udemy search you will see your course discounted for everyone, it means that udemy will be promoting your course.

At this step we recommend to promote your course with free udemy coupons. It is good if you attract big audience for free learning. Of course, you should message to all your students by manual message or automatic. Negotiation with people is also important, for increasing trustful to your material. Always inform for updates, fresh videos and new courses. Let your students have free entrance on your other course. With all this, you will receive positive reviews and feedbacks on you course. It will uniquely grow in searching positions.

This strategy is workable and many instructors were using it before they become bestsellers. Their courses get into the 1st page in searching their course topic.

If you think that you have not enough material on you course – make your videos quality and long length, then follow these simple steps. You will see how quickly you get results, students and good reviews.

Don’t miss is a coupon and deal website where you can add your courses with free udemy coupons or discounted udemy coupons. It will stay here long time and our team will be promoting it. It’s better to set udemy coupon 9.99 USD as its good price and people who want to buy courses usually search for lowest prices. Lower price you set – more students you get!

Bestseller instructors who follow the strategy

Ryan Kroonenburg udemy coupon peakgetFaye Ellis udemy coupon peakgetRyan Kroonenburg and Faye Ellis are creating courses together and “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2018” is the top course that they promote worldwide. In this course they have more than 300,000 students enrolled. They have lucky students who got free udemy coupons and now have unlimited access. Check the course, it has 120 lectures and 21 hours.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2018 coupon peakget

Maximilian Schwarzmuller udemy coupon peakget (7) Maximilian Schwarzmüller – guru in programming languages, created more than 20 courses and the best one in his list is “Angular 6 (formerly Angular 2) – The Complete Guide“. This course he is promoting absolutely everywhere, on all social media websites and reached more than 150,000 students. From time to time he was sending free udemy coupons, so other students share his course as the best one. Look at the volume of lectures, it’s 412 lectures and 28 hours of speech.

Angular 6 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide coupon peakget

Stephane Maarek udemy coupon peakgetStephane Maarek – he is a good example for everyone who start promoting online courses, as he is fresh on Udemy and check his results. He used the promoting strategy and one his courses – “Apache Kafka Series – Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners” he made more than 13,000 students in very short time. And look, it has only 4 hours and length.

Apache Kafka Series - Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners coupon peakget

So these are real examples for you! Make your courses, promote them using strategy and you will reach same results!

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