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Udemy May Sale

May – is the fifth month when the months January and February were added to the Gregorian calendar and its predecessor, the Julian calendar. It named after the Greek goddess, Maia who is also identify with the Roman goddess of fertility, Bona Dea. Old English – Maius; Latin name – Maius mensis – Month of Maia; Old French – Mai. This month have 31 days,  third and last month of Spring. It said that this is the month when plants really start to grow. May does not start or end on the same day of the week as any other month. Participate in udemy May sale anytime.

There are some week celebration in May:

  • 1st week of the month – Nurse’s Week
  • 2nd week of the month – Wildflower Week
  • 3rd week of the month – National Bike Week and National Police Week
  • 4th week of the month – Emergency Medical Services Week
May also have activities during whole month:

National Foster Care Month – provides an opportunity for people all across the nation to focus attention on the year-round needs of children and youth in foster care. The campaign raises awareness about foster care and encourages many more citizens to involve in the lives of these youth – whether as their foster parents, volunteers, mentors, employers or in other ways.

National Hamburger Month – during this holiday we must raise awareness of the deliciousness a hamburger has to offer. May 28th is the official National Hamburger Day, so be on the look out for any good deals local hamburger joints may offer. Some fast food places are even offering deals all month long in celebration!

National Barbecue Month – made to observe and celebrate the wonders of the BBQ. Great way of cooking meat, this age-old culinary technique is waiting for you to discover in May. If you’re in a sunnier part of the world, it’s certainly a good excuse to get friends and family round to share the experience!

… and many other activities we can follow in May, like – Date Your Mate, Gifts from the Garden, National Photography, etc.

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