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Udemy Tax Day Sale

Udemy Tax Day – Income tax collected in 1862 in the Untied States to fund the Civil War. It was deemed unconstitutional due to not being apportioned with conformity across the states. As it happens, April hasn’t always been tax time in America. Originally, Congress established March 1, 1914 as the deadline for filing individual returns. According to the conventional explanation, the decision driven by the timing after the passing of the 16th Amendment in 1913.

Why 1st March?

It fell roughly one year after the 16th Amendment enacted. When the 16th Amendment, which allows Congress to institute the income tax, adopted on Feb 3, 1913. Congress chose March 1 – one year and a few dozen days later – as the deadline for filing returns.

In 1918 the deadline changed to March 15th and then in 1955 for the most recent change, the filing deadline moved to April 15th.  The day became known as the Tax Day.

The official reason for the pushback was to spread the workload of IRS employees. Some economists speculate that a later filing date means the government can wait even longer to pay refunds. The longer the IRS can hold onto the money it withholds via payroll taxes, the more interest it earns.

Tax Day is the day individual income taxes are due to the federal government. By the history Tax Day is on April 15th and lands on a non-holiday work day. Sometimes this day lands on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and Tax Day is moving to the next week Tuesday, it can fall on April 17, 18 or 19.

It doesn’t matter on what day of April Tax Day will fall, coupons, deals, discounts and offers are available on any day of April. If you missed official day, PeakGet offers coupons whole year, each day, as we celebrate Udemy Tax Day every day and you can join our coupons whenever you like.


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