Vocal exercises that will help your English pronunciation

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English pronunciation

Vocal exercises that will help your English pronunciation

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Improve your English pronunciation by practicing these 39 elocution exercises and oddities.

This course focuses totally on voice exercises for most of the vowel and consonant sounds made in English. I cover 16 vowel sounds and 23 consonant sounds as well as a few oddities of English pronunciation. I will show you how these sounds should be made, what shape your mouth should be, where your tongue should be and you will hear what they should sound like. In each lecture there is an opportunity for you to repeat the exercises after me. This is helpful for anyone who mumbles or wishes to soften their accent – whatever accent they have.

I am 100% confident that there isn’t another course like this. If you enroll on the course and find a particular sound you have trouble with is missing you only need to message me and I will add it in a new lecture. I want everyone to have confidence and fun when speaking.

Most bad speech caused by laziness or lack of knowledge.

I teaching people to talk clearly since 1994 and these exercises been created over the years to help people with specific sounds.

Vocal exercises that will help your English pronunciation

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