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bitira – Discover how to supercharge your retirement by rolling your IRA or 401(k) to a Digital Currency IRA. Get a free info guide on moving your retirement to Bitcoin.

As one of the nation’s leading specialists in Digital IRA setup and management. BitIRA works with a wide range of customers who wish to reap the benefits of digital currency assets inside their retirement savings portfolio.

At BitIRA, we firmly believe that Americans should have access to more choice of assets. Available within their tax-advantaged retirement account. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to help our customers understand how digital currencies can serve as a powerful tool to achieve their unique objectives for saving for the future, while offering a simple, straightforward path to use that tool effectively.

Who Is BitIRA?

In March 2014, the Internal Revenue Service issued IRS Notice 2014-21. Which officially declared that for tax purposes, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are treated as property. Due to the rules governing self-directed IRAs, this notice also meant that digital currencies were eligible assets to be held inside IRA accounts. However, creating and managing an IRA with digital currencies was still complex and difficult.

BitIRA founded in 2017 to offer average investors a solution to that problem.

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