What are the easiest and most profitable Forex strategies?

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  • April 5, 2019
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What are the easiest and most profitable Forex strategies?

Personally I was starting from 100 euro deposit. Really I do not recommend anyone to try trading with such small amounts. You should have experience in this otherwise it’s to risky. Optimal starting trading deposit should be at least 1 000 eur or usd. In this case your trading lot should be 0.01 lot and maximum positions size to one direction not more then 0.1 lot

In order to start trading you should carefully select broker company or bank where you will open your trading account because if you will use offshore brokers – they may disappear with all your money. Other reason why many traders use broker companies – they simply do not want to pay income tax.

It’s not a secret if you will withdrawn money from your trading account TAX authority will be interested from where you are receiving income.

Okay so when you select broker you should carefully thing about your strategy and optimize it for Money Management.

Good way to learn Money Management is to visit popular websites like BabyPips or Forex Factory this websites got tons of materials. As well website members share their experience there.. If you do not have time to read all this information you can enroll to: Profitable Forex with Risk Control | Udemy Course.

It’s demonstrates trading system on real trading account. In 4 months of trading account increased from 100 euro till 1300 euro and it’s continue to grow every month.

Good luck in your trading!

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