What is best way to promote an affiliate link free of cost

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What is best way to promote an affiliate link free of cost

There are different ways on how you can do that. If you can attract free traffic to your affiliate links on autopilot the only best way is Google search..

So how does it work?

For example: let’s select this question: What is best way to promote an affiliate link free of cost?

Let’s go on Google and enter popular query: how to promote affiliate links

Now check this out what we see:

Affiliate links in Google

So first results is paid ad from Google… And if you want to get all clicks you should start doing paid ads. BUT! You should start doing that in a smart way! Otherwise you will lose you money and will get clicks from India, Bangladesh.. and zero sales. If you want to learn how to start getting clicks for 0.01 usd or even less you should check this course on udemy

So let’s go back to free traffic… As you already understand number one in Google always will be paid ads and number two is YouTube. Why YouTube? Well it’s second search engine by size after Google and moreover it’s belong to Google 🙂 So they are displaying related results..

So what I have done?

If you want to get sales you should assault the first page in Google. The best way to do so: Use popular platforms like YouTube and Quora… Yes Quora! Check this out what we see next:

Affiliate links in Quora

Yep we see Quora website and around 5–7 questions loaded from Quora.. So answer this questions and record video and upload that on YouTube.. As well do not forget about paid ads from Google and bingo! You will have around 3–4 results displayed in Google search! Here is the most easy and free way on how to drive traffic to your website or links..

If you are are interested on how to get cheap targeted traffic from Google Ads we also recommend to check this Udemy Course.

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